Tutorial: QuickStart


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PublicMint require web3 as dependency, you can find more info about other modules in the link bellow.

Init node project

See npm docs npm-init

Install in your project

npm install @publicmint/publicmint-web3


see repo examples

Default network is 2020 - 'mainNet'

import PublicMint from '@publicmint/publicmint-web3';

// Create web3 umbrella class with PublicMint namespace `pm`
// By default is "ws" and <2020> - <mainNet>, only 'ws' provider it's possible listen events.
const web3 = new PublicMint();

// For <testNet> or chainID <2019> and http service provider see example bellow
// const web3 = new PublicMint(2019, "http")

About loaded modules:

  • All modules from web3 are loaded excluding eth.personal, eth.ens, bzz, shh web3 modules;
  • See more available modules of pm;


node index.js

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